Past and forthcoming seminars by the project team members:

  • “Competition among renewables”, presented by Natalia Fabra at ETH (Zurich, Nov. 2018), Simposio de Análisis Económico (Madrid, Dec 2018)
  • “Real Time Pricing for Everyone”, presented by Mar Reguant at ASSA Meetings




PhD course on Energy Economics @uc3m

During the last two decades, the energy sectors have experienced radical regulatory changes. Drawing on economic analysis, we will study specific regulatory experiences, and will discuss the business and public policy issues that they have raised. Topics include the development and organization of spot and futures markets in energy; the determinants of investment and entry in these industries; competition in wholesale electricity markets; renewables investment and policies towards demand response, among others. Students will learn to apply the most recent theories to analyze the performance of these markets, as well as to understand empirical and simulation analysis that have been developed to shed light on the effects changes in market design or market structure.

Course Content [forthcoming]